July 23, 2021

Kiwi's fearful eyes and appalling condition painted a clear picture into understanding what she had been through. We didn't even need to know her story because her body told us more than we needed to know. When animal control finally seized her from the property where she had been "living", they were appalled at the complete lack of empathy that she had been shown in her short life.

Imagine every inch of your body covered in infected, painful mosquito bites, then imagine being locked in a small wooden enclosure with absolutely no way to help yourself. This had been Kiwi's reality for quite some time, as every crevice on her weak little body was achingly itchy…and she didn't even have fingers to scratch to alleviate the pain. Her body was so swollen with infections that her skin had started to split and bleed, and every step caused her to cry out in pain. The worst part of it all is that Kiwi most likely didn't even remember what it was like to not live in constant discomfort. 

When One By One Animal Advocates were asked if they could help Kiwi, there was no way they could say no. They may have been in no position to bring her in because of their limited funding, but there was absolutely no way they were going to turn a blind eye on this innocent girl. Kiwi was immediately transported to the vet where she had a skin scrape and bloodwork done. She was then sent home to her wonderful foster home with lots of antibiotics, pain medications, medicated shampoo, and dewormer to get rid of all the parasites. 

After just one bath, Kiwi already seemed to be doing so much better. Her skin instantly became less red and her legs stopped leaking bloody fluids from her horrific skin. She even began wagging her tail and wanted nothing more than to be loved… despite the pain. After 37 days, Kiwi turned into a different dog. Her transformation was remarkable as her skin completely healed and she now has new, healthy, and beautiful HAIR! Kiwi's transformation just goes to you how some good ole' TLC can go a long way. Of course, this couldn't have been done without her CUDDLY supporters. Because of you all, One By One Animal Advocates was able to raise over $5,600 to go directly toward Kiwi's second chance.

Believe it or not, the good news doesn't even end there because Kiwi also found her forever home! Kiwi has been through so much in the short time she was alive, but the minute word got out about her it was only uphill from there. Thank you to everyone who donated the much-needed items and monetary donations to help make all of this possible. Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for you! 

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