July 23, 2021

After Stray Animal Foundation of India was informed about a one-month-old puppy crying in agony on the streets of India, they immediately jumped into action. When rescuers got to the scene, they were most definitely not prepared for what they were about to witness...

Holi was shrieking in pain and upon closer inspection, they noticed his front paw was barely hanging on and he was more than likely hit by a car. He was immediately transported to the vet, but they were already closed for the day and rescuers had no other option but to wait until the following day. Unfortunately, by then, his paw fell off and was beyond repair. Doctors were unable to reattach it, as it was completely rotten with no blood circulation. On top of this, X-rays revealed Holi's back leg was completely shattered. The person who hit Holi probably doesn't even remember what they did, yet this incident forever changed Holi's life. 

Doctors cleaned Holi's front paw and his back leg was fixed with a splint. After Holi's vet appointment, he went home to his loving foster home where he continued to receive all the love and care he could get while he prepared for his front leg surgery on April 15, 2021. Thankfully, the surgery was a complete success and he was sent home shortly after to be comforted by his wonderful medical fosters. 

A few months later, Holi flew to the US to meet his forever family! His new family drove all the way from North Carolina to Florida to pick him, and we couldn't be more excited for this sweet boy's new life. Of course, Holi's new life couldn't have been possible without CUDDLY. You guys made this all possible, as Stray Animal Foundation of India was able to raise over $1,000 to go directly toward Holi! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts who joined Holi on his journey. His new life officially begins today!

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