July 23, 2021

Twix had lived on the streets since he was born and due to this, his physical health had been deteriorating by the minute. During the harsh winters in Volgograd, Russia he would attempt to seek warmth under parked cars, and even though neighbors saw him living each day as a struggle, no one bothered to help him. Until one day when a girl took a video of him and contacted Angel's Furry Friends begging to help him.

When rescuers saw the video of Twix, they eagerly jumped into action. On top of Twix being severely malnourished and lethargic, he could barely walk due to his deformed paws. How he managed to survive all this time in his current condition was a mystery in itself. 
Twix went straight to the vet where he received an evaluation and X-rays. The preliminary diagnosis was Rickets, as well as Hyperparayreosis, complicated by the weakness of his ligaments and joints. He was hospitalized to receive the professional care he desperately needed. After a few days, he was released from the veterinary clinic to his medical foster home with joint and ligament support medications and supplements, lots of good food, and crate rest to help his malnourished body recover and gain more strength. After only a few weeks of Twix's recovery, he was already beginning to show remarkable improvement and his front paws started to gain their strength back! 

You see, Twix used to be a small, hungry puppy who had bowed front paws wandering alone on the street. Due to his very poor nutrition, starvation on the streets, and calcium deficiency, his bones would literally bend when he stepped on his feet. Well, we are over the moon to announce that after a long few months, Twix finally got his happy ending!

Twix is now almost unrecognizable because all his CUDDLY supporters sent him so many donations that aided in his speedy recovery! His new name is now Dipsea, and this sweet boy even has his own loving family here in California! He arrived in the US as part of a group of 15 dogs that rescuers flew ahead of the CDC Ban! Dipsea has his own loving mom and dad, a nice and warm bed, and lots of toys! He goes on many adventures with his family, he already checked the beaches, hikes, and met the vet, who had cleared him to go on as many long hikes as he wants! Thank you to all the wonderful and kind people who had donated and helped rescuers help Dipsea! He is now living his dream life with his forever family! 

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