Big Love for a Little Cat
October 05, 2016

Little 'House' needed help to fix a life that has not beenkind to her. She first appeared as a stray to an Operation Pets Alive foster'sdoor, thin and emaciated and dragging an injured limb with an open wound aboveit. House would come and go, and finally her foster was able to catch her andbegin the process of getting her much-needed nourishment. Slowly House began totrust, and her foster was able to get a better look at her wound.

When House walked, her toes curl completely back on theinjured limb. The open wound above her toes remained fresh from dragging thelimb on concrete pavement, and exposed cut ligaments deeper within. The damageto her ligaments was beyond repair, and House needed surgery to have her limbamputated. We can't know what cruel act caused this injury, but we do knowHouse needs your help to give her a life pain-free, and more mobile.

Despite her wound, House is a very sweet kitty, part TurkishVan, just 5 lbs, and about a year old. She is understandably cautious butallowed her foster mom (who named her after her favorite TV Show Character) tocleanse her wound and re-wrap it with a new bandage every other day. 

Thanks to incredible generosity, House underwent her surgery9/30/16. Dr. Ross performed the amputation. Her foster mom reports she camethrough it like a real champ, and is recovering well. House was alert andactive following surgery, and is already moving around and acclimating to herlife as a kitty tripod! Good girl House!

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