Let Frosty Melt Your Heart
November 14, 2016

Frosty is a street cat from Puerto Rico who was part of a TNR (trap neuter release) program in Nov 2015. Frosty decided that he liked the 'trap' part and better then the 'release' part and has stayed close to the home of the volunteer who helped him since. Frosty had an awful neck injury that has been difficult to treat on the street. He has been to the vet on three different occasions but continues to scratch the wound. Although Frosty is basically 'friendly' he won't allow the volunteers on to tend to his wound daily as is required. He can get a little feisty and hard to catch when wound treatment time comes. To prevent infection and other serious injuries we have boarded Frosty at the vet so they can give him the treatment he needs. 

It's been a full year since Frosty showed up at our home, bone thin, infested with ear mites and with an itchy open wound around his neck. He was hard to look at, but he won us over and so we took him in. With funds provided by CUDDLY, Frosty was neutered and received several treatments for ear mites and wound. The itch took a long time to go away, but finally we are seeing great results! His wound is almost completely closed up and he looks and feels like the gorgeous kitty he is! Thanks to everyone who shared Frosty's story and to those that donated to Defensa and to Frosty's CUDDLY fund. Thanks to Animal Medical Clinic Aguada for the care. Frosty is truly grateful for all the help. This Feb 2017 Frosty is adopted and all healed up! 

Click to view this wonderful video of Frosty enjoying head scratches in his new forever home!

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