The dog with nine lives.
November 15, 2016

A good Samaritan reached out to Their Lives Matter Inc. to help a dog named Baxter who had been left a lone in an apartment on and off due a death in the family. Upon arrival, the rescuer found him laying in his own bloody diarrhea. Their Lives Matter Inc. convinced the "owner" to surrender him so they could get him the medical treatment he needed. 

Baxter had severe hookworms, trichuris infestation, a major fever, and was experiencing convulsions. The vet immediately gave Baxter a blood transfusion and put him on fluids. Baxter was carefully monitored around the clock, hand fed, and went through three bags of fluid to keep him stable. Although Baxter did get stronger after his many blood transfusions, he developed growths on his body due to his compromised immune system. The vet had to perform immediate surgery to drain out the growths. Baxter had spent over 2 months in the hospital. 

With the immediate medical attention, devotion of Their Lives Matter Inc. and partnership with PoundWishes, Baxter survived. This tough boy fought with all of his might and is now fully recovered and in a wonderful forever home!

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