Donny Domes Finds His Home.
February 02, 2017

Donny Domes was named after a famous surf spot in Rincon Puerto Rico, Domes Beach. On Jan 4th, he was sighted alone, hungry, sick, but friendly (with people and dogs) on Domes Beach. 

After being featured in several social media posts, it was clear Donny Domes had been at the beach alone for several days and likely was dumped there. People know the surf beaches are likely spots for rescues to happen. In this instance, it was true. A beautiful, local family saw a social media post and refused to let Donny Domes spend another night alone on the beach. They picked him up and brought him into the comfort of their own home. He went to visit the Vet that day to treat what appears to be mange and to be neutered, 4dx tested, vaccinated, de-wormed. 

His foster family was going to be leaving the area, so the plan was to fly Donny stateside. Keeping him on island is a risk without a more permanent foster home, which are not easy to come by in Puerto Rico. 
Donny Domes quickly reached his fundraising goal of $275.00 on CUDDLY and found his happily ever after by being adopted! They all traveled together to their forever home in Outerbanks, NC. 

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