March 26, 2019

Poor Gabe was dragged behind his owners car for miles.

Gabe was surrendered by his owner to police when they showed up at his home with a warrant. Someone obviously reported his condition to them. The story he told was that dragging the dog had been an accident as dog had been tied to his car & he forgot when he had to go pick up his kids at school. He said when he realized he was dragging his dog, he stopped and wrapped him in a towel. He said he took the dog home & thought he would be fine. At some point he did take him to the vet, but couldn't afford care & returned home.

Now when we heard this story, we knew it did not add up for several reasons. As you can see by these horrific wounds that were all over Gabe's poor body, this dog wasn't dragged for a few blocks, this dog was dragged for miles probably crying & howling in pain. If it had been the afternoon in broad daylight with school letting out, imagine how many people would have seen it & done something. This dragging happened in the dark of night. If the dragging had occurred Fri. afternoon, the wounds would not have been necrotic on Sat. These wounds had to have been days old (wounds typically get necrotic 3-5 days later not 1 day). So poor Gabe likely suffered for days with no medical care in horrible pain. When the police contacted the local shelter, he was taken directly to their ER vet where they immediately sedated him & cleaned & debrided the wounds the best they could.

He is only 14 months old & very lucky to be alive. His paw pads were virtually gone & his paws had the skin gone to the bone, his knees the same. He had no nails left on either of his front paws, and  his chest hds a huge open wound that could not be closed. All 4 of his legs had to be bandaged & due to the severity of his injuries, he could not stand or walk. Thanks to all the wonderful donors and supporters through CUDDLY that sent gabe tons of items that aided in healing him as well as helping to fund $2,369 for his medical bills which is more than half of his goal. Gabe has now made a miraculous recovery and found his fur-ever home with a new fur-dad and big brother. Help Rescue Dogs Rock continue to save lives just like Gabe by helping them cover the remainder of his medical bills. Happy Tails Gabe.

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