June 05, 2019

Hunter was surrendered by his owner in a horrifying condition. It was clear that he had been suffering for a very long time and his previous owners watched as he deteriorated. Hunter's skin was covered in open wounds and burns. He was so emaciated and weak that he required assistance to stand up.

Hunter was only a year old but looked like a senior. His skin was so severely burned that the vets could not find a vein to administer IV fluids. His stomach had also sustained similar burns that covered his body, which had  become highly infected. The vets had to put him under anesthesia to remove the damaged tissue in the area, and scrub off all the necrotic skin.

It was unbelievable that his owners sat back and allowed Hunter to suffer like this. He was obviously in a great deal of pain and had to be placed on heavy pain medication. It was a long road to recovery for Hunter, but with your help, we were able to save his life. Thank you to the amazing donors that helped us raise $4,840 for his medical care which surpassed his goal by $340, and also sent him mountains of wishlist items that truly helped this poor boy. Hunter is roughly 70 lbs now.  He's smart, laid back, and loves his stuffed animals. Hunter is now on the hunt for love and is available for adoption.

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