September 04, 2019

When Chubbs was found he did not even look like a dog & you couldn't even guess what breed he is.

Chubbs was found at 11 weeks in a TX shelter. He was on his way to our vet partner within the hour. Our hearts were breaking for this poor puppy who had to be in such terrible pain. Someone let him get to the point where he was bleeding, could barely open his eyes & his skin was on fire.  He was swollen, red & miserable, but thanks to the wonderful donors through CUDDLY this sweet boy has gotten the skin care he so urgently needed a ton of items that have helped as well. Watching this sweet boy transform from barely recognizable as a dog to a handsome playful puppy made Chubbs' foster mom fall madly in love with him. So much so that she wanted Chubbs all for herself. Though he didn't quite reach his goal raising $2,500 of $3,000 Chubbs did reach his happy ending, and thats all thanks to everyone who donated towards his medical bills and wishlist items. Happy tails Chubbs!

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