October 16, 2019

After surviving the horror of being purposely dragged by a car Bunny was in shock, and clearly in pain.

 She lost a lot of blood, and needed a transfusion to keep her alive. The X-rays taken showed a broken leg, broken femur, and a broken pelvis.We knew that if Bunny made it through the first 48 hours, she would need complicated surgeries to repair her broken bones. The Knee tendons/ligaments were destroyed as well. Aside from all her many broken bones she had Extensive skin wounds, that needed a change of bandaging every day to see the skin was salvageable. Sadly Bunny had a long, painful, uphill battle towards recovery, but thanks to the many wonderful donors through CUDDLY she made it through. Thank you to all the wonderful supporters who not only helped raise $3,175 of her $6,000 goal but also tons and tons of wonderful wishlist gift that help heal this sweet girl. Thanks to you she has made a full recovery and is now living it up with her new fur-ever mom and dad. Happy Tails Bunny!

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