April 20, 2021

The resiliency of animals continues to amaze us. Sweet Jack was one of those cases that tore our hearts out when we heard what cruel act of human violence he had experienced. 

Back in 2019, Jack used to have a “family”…until one day they shot him in the mouth. Yes, unfortunately, you read that right. When rescuers at Living Grace Canine Ranch were informed of this gruesome situation they knew there was no time to waste. In November of 2019, Jack underwent his first two surgical procedures to ‘close' the bullet entry hole. However, that wasn't the end of Jack's pain. The long-term physical implication' resulting from his traumatic event- is the destruction of his sinus passages. Jack is prone to chronic dry sinuses that if left untreated- (like humans) lead to sinus headaches and infections. Moderate activity is advised- if overexcited- it's reported by previous fosters, that his 'lack of oxygen' creates a 'seizure type behavior.' One moment changed Jack's life forever.  

Living Grace Canine Ranch thought it best to keep Jack as a resident pup because of these complications so that they would be able to keep a close eye on him. Although Jack's injuries still affect him to this day he gets to live his life out to the fullest. He is so loved by every person at the ranch and he has shown that the trauma he experienced won't stop him from being the happiest most playful pup ever! 

Thanks to the amazing CUDDLY donors who helped to raise money for the continuous care of Jack. He will continue to live out the rest of his life roaming free, chasing birds, meeting new friends, playing with all his new goodies, and just being a pup on the ranch! 

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