Snow White

June 07, 2021

Alone. Afraid. Unloved. Is this how any pup should be living? Let alone a beautiful girl in her Golden Years?! She was dumped at a high kill shelter by her owners after a decade of loyalty and love, leaving her questioning what did she do wrong? You did NOTHING wrong little girl, absolutely nothing. Concerned Citizens Animal Rescue Inc. rescued Snow White from a high kill county shelter. She's a senior at 10-years-old, and her fur was matted so badly it was hard to see her beautiful eyes. Snow White's previous owners tried to groom her themselves by using either sheers or scissors, chopping away at her fur - AND her skin!! They obviously weren't very good at it because now she is healing from several cuts and has scabs along her back where they missed her fur but not her skin.

Not only did they not take her to the groomer, but they also didn't take her to a vet either... Her ENTIRE mouth was full of rotten teeth and riddled with infection. She was coughing up her lungs when she spent the first night with rescuers, and her paperwork says her prognosis was "poor." YET she remained so happy and trusting of humans and SO excited to be in a backyard!! She's extremely enthusiastic to eat the homemade chicken rescuers cooked for her dinner, and very grateful to sleep in the crook of their arms. At the vet she was being treated for her dental issues; sadly she needed a lot of her teeth extracted. Both back legs have torn ACL's and she needed knee replacements, she also had infections in her mouth and needed to be shaved to top it all off! Snow White was hydrated and put on antibiotics for her double ear infections, we know that this list of treatments is long but it continued (breaking our hearts even more)... 

As her treatment journey continued, she had mammary tumors removed, got a lovely haircut removing all the matted fur, and was spayed! She also had all of her bad teeth extracted and was healing BEAUTIFULLY. To make matters even more amazing, she was adopted by a loving family and resides in Northern California LIVING THE ULTIMATE DREAM!

As you can imagine, caring for an animal with this many injuries and medical issues is hard work - but rescuers never stopped. They never gave up. They nursed Snow White back to health day by day and with the gracious help of CUDDLY donors, we're able to raise over $1000 to cover her medical costs! She was even set LOADS of goodies and supplies to help in her recovery process. The amount of kindness and love that poured into Snow White's life - mostly from people who had never met her before - just shows us how beautiful humanity can be. With all this said, it brings us great joy to announce that after everything Snow White endured...after all the struggles and hardships...she has not only made a full recovery but has found a forever family who is going to cherish her for the rest of her days. That's right. Snow White has been ADOPTED. Though this is the end of her rescue story, this is the beginning of her new life and we are so grateful to have been able to be a part of both.

Thank you so much to everyone once again for making this happen. We love you all!

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