Miss Kiss A Story of Hope
October 05, 2016

Meet Miss Kiss, a beautiful and innocent young cat who became the target of inexplicable hate. She was found with a blow dart in her head after being shot by a cruel and abusive person. One blow dart was clearly visible, however the vet found a second blow dart tip in a closer examination. The tip pierced the back of her eye, leaving her blind and eventually requiring her eye to be removed.


The cruelty involved with her story sparked mass publicity throughout the Utah town and inspired an investigation in order to discover the identity of the perpetrator. Two people are currently being charged in the case and awaiting trial.


While the heinous acts are something no one should ever have to endure, there is a silver lining to the story of Miss Kiss. Because of the attention, she attracted many potential adopters and was eventually taken into the home of her perfect match. He is acutely aware of her fragile nature and has been nursing her back to health.


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