Wild Man and His New Pack
December 29, 2016

Wild Man was rescued after an elderly breeder relinquished 11 huskies. Many of the huskies were in poor condition after being kept in crates and having extremely limited time outdoors. Green Hills Animal Shelter stepped in when a friend of the breeder asked for help and took 5 dogs on their first visit and an additional 6 on their second. 

 Once in rescue, Wild Man was found to have a mass on his body that veterinarians believe is an undescended testicle that could be cancerous. He is between 3-5 years old. Medical professionals had blood tests and chest x-rays to check for spread of cancer. Both came out negative and Wild Man had the surgery to remove the mass. He is an active and curious dog who wants to check everything out. 

Removing the mass gave him the chance to find a wonderful family and a new best friend. He was adopted on Christmas day and his new friend, Breanna, said that he is better than any toy or gift in the whole entire world. His morning was filled with love treats. This afternoon he has attentively watched Legos being assembled on the coffee table. His favorite toy so far is an Owl that squeaks. His most favorite food belongs to the cat.

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