November 21, 2019

Because of his appearance, no one came close to poor Hercules - not even on the brink of death. Labeled as an ugly, street dog, Hercules walked around day after day looking for anyone to offer him food or shelter. No one ever did.

When Roatan Rescue found him weak and close to death, they scooped him up and drove him straight to the emergency room. He was so tired, so broken that he fell asleep in his rescuer's arms and let out a big sigh of relief on the way the vet. They learned that this poor soul, at only six months old, had been beaten, kicked, and cut. Riddled in hair loss, mange, and infection, Hercules was also suffering from extreme dehydration and starvation. He also had open gashes across his skin as a result of his beatings. 

However, with the help of CUDDLY, we were able to raise over $2000 for Hercules' care and get him back on his feet. He even got over 30 much-needed products donated to him, including medical supplies, food, and supplements. 

His world has completely changed. No one deserves it more than this friendly, kind, sweet boy. We know, he doesn't even look like the same dog! That's why its called a transformation Hercules is now living his best life because of the support and love he got through CUDDLY and we are eternally grateful!

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