Bait Dog Spent Months Rehabilitating His Body and Soul
June 01, 2020

When I Stand With My Pack was contacted about a dog that was found surrounded by trash on a side of the road in Tijuana, Mexico, they knew they couldn't turn their back. This poor boy had been severely attacked and seriously wounded, drawing the conclusion that he was used as a bait dog. Due to low resources and too many dogs that need help, a plea was sent out to help and ISWMP answered. 

He was immediately hospitalized and spent days in the hospital, being no where near out of the woods. The severity of his wounds were not only his deteriorating his physical condition but his mentality as well. The horrors he experienced continued to haunt him, as he continuously cried out throughout the days in the hospital. Bradley cried a lot, and didn't know how to behave around dogs and people, and he was extremely anxious and overly stimulated with everything that moved. We couldn't blame him, as the daily horror he went trough is unimaginable. We could only hope that his heart would heal like the bite marks on his body will. 

Once he was cleared from the hospital, Bradley was admitted to an extensive training program that gave him the time and tools to work on his behavior. ISWMP contacted CUDDLY for help with Bradley's care and we immediately started working on his campaign. Our lovely community not only donated over $3k to his medical and training, but sent this deserving boy so many items that helped him help. It took some weeks but we are happy to report that Bradley came out of training better than ever. 

Today Bradley goes into his forever home. We can't even write this without crying out loud. This sweet boy will finally have a family he was always dreaming of. The family he deserves. If you followed Bradley's story you know in what horrific condition he was found and how long his road to recovery was. While we might never know the horrors Bradley had to go trough we know that his future is looking quite bright and happy. Thank you to every single person that was a part of his recovery. We couldn't have helped him without you.

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